Linda Lens, Woman Photographer

"When intelligence, beauty and daring are all rolled up into one photographic minded person, the product can be no other than Linda Lens, camerawoman par excellence whom we present in this, her initial story."

Linda Lens was a surprisingly daring photographer who appeared as a regular feature in a short lived series of Camera Comics in the 1940's. Her exploits made the cover in a couple of issues including this one in December 1944.
Linda has a budding career as a fashion photographer but her friend Bob, returns from "photo reconnaissance" and urges her to give it up to "cover the news angle". She sensibly replies that she can't, "Simply because I've got to eat, Bob! I can't just chuck everything and free lance. Besides I've got a reputation to build up."

This is extraordinary!! The editors of Camera Comics actually presented Linda as a single woman with a real career as a photographer and a supportive boy friend! Hats off to them!!!
The excitement of photojournalism eventually lures Linda away from advertising. She is sent on assignment into a dangerous war situation, has many hair raising adventures, and gets the picture!