1889 Engraving

Like the previous two engravings, this one is from the British newspaper, "The Graphic". It illustrated a story entitled "A Day's Deer-Stalking in the Highlands" The picture is captioned, "On Nearing Home Two Amateurs Take a Shot; a Rare Chance for the Photographer." In all three engravings, the women are referred to as "amateurs" although they, and their equipment, appear to be quite professional.

An excerpt from the story:

"On nearing the house he observes with horror the ladies with their cameras just going to photograph a deer-pony, which had just brought in one shot the day before by another guest, and and knowing he would be sure to be caught for a photograph, and asked to stand "Just one minute," probably twenty, in his soaking state, he takes a short cut across, and makes his way to the back door, decidedly pleased with his days sport."