Non-Camera Ads with Cameras
In this 1953 ad, a white-gloved Miss Rheingold is attempting to take a stereo photo of two frolicking bear cubs in the middle of a forest. Scott Mostrom, the dealer from whom I purchased the ad on eBay has done some research into this beer campaign.

He writes: " I've sold dozens of these ads to aficionados, including the Liebmann family (owners of Rheingold Beer!), and read a number of articles dealing with the Miss R. program. Interviews with the Miss Rheingolds repeatedly recall the photo shoots and their experiences that no expenses were spared in preparing the ads, including chartered flights, 1st-Class accommodations, limousine services, custom-designed wardrobes, and amazing stories regarding the props used (flying ice sculptures from NYC to Los Angeles, securing birchbark canoes from local museums, etc.). Ignorant and preaching to the choir, it's been my impression that Paul Hesse was certainly a hotshot photographer of the era (1940-1964) when only the best would satisfy."
1938 Chesterfield Cigarettes
1953 Charles of the Ritz
1977 Kool Cigarettes
1964 Coca Cola