Ralph Johnson Collection

Ralph Johnston and his wife Linda Sherman hail from Auburndale, Massachusetts. They are both collectors but with different tastes. Ralph writes: I collect cameras, stereo views, and postcards. My wife collects arts & crafts items circa 1910 (Grueby, Roycroft, Stickley, etc) We went to the Christie's auction in Dec (NYC) and bought a few items from Barbra Streisand's collection. My stereo views mostly have cats on them (200), but I also am looking for interesting glass or tissue SV's. I have only two with cats, little girls, AND a camera. The postcards (600) are mostly local of Auburndale, Newton, etc. Just a few with cats on them. My 81 cameras are a mix of 127 film types, stereo, and whatever appeals to me. Not too many Kodaks. I have only the two figurines, and my wife hates them. I think they are neat. I might buy more. Long live e-Bay! -Ralph