Australian Pocket Catalogs
Kodak literature varies with each country. Here are a few pocket catalogs issued by Kodak Australasia Ltd.
c. 1918

The catalog on the left, came with an interesting story from Patricia Forbes of Kansas City. She writes, "This brochure belonged to my Dad, an avid amateur photographer himself. He traveled a lot in his Vaudeville days, and got this flyer in Australia while playing there at the Tivoli Theatre.My Dad's vaudeville act's name was "The 4 Vespers." (A Teeter board act, thrills and chills type of act, twists, flips and turns unknown to common man!)

I have book after book after book of his pictures. And what a treasure it is. He did all his own film processing, developing, enlarging in our basement. His enlarger was home made but it did the trick. My daughter now has all his film and is in the process of redeveloping them, with a much crisper, brighter picture for me. What a treat!!"