Photo Album Ads
Not only were Kodak Girls responsible for taking and developing family photos, they were encouraged to label and organize them in albums as well.

As a result, many exquisitely maintained photo albums have been passed down through generations and survive intact as family heirlooms today.

The Autographic camera came with a stylus enabling the photographer to scratch a date or location directly on the negative. This 1915 ad wisely suggests, "Make your Kodak story of the children doubly valuble, by dating every negative, by making brief notes that will help, in after years, to recall happily to memory the incident that led to the taking of the picture."
"The story of a summer vacation as told by the Kodak."
"Their vacation story--as told by her Kodak."
"There's joy in every page of the school girl's Kodak book."

The Album as Folk Art

The album maker on the left improvised photo corners and drew a frame around each photo. On the right (different maker) she montaged several photos. Both examples rescued from NYC flea market.
Snapshot from album found at New York City flea market in 1999.