Kodak Girl Stripes
In England and on the continent, the Kodak Girl was distinguished by her blue and white striped outfits. According to Colin Harding, in an article he published in the September 1996 edition of Britain's Photographica World, Kodak Limited in London even supplied dealers with striped fabric or ready made striped dresses for their staff. Styles changed, but stripes continued into the 70's where they even appeared on the swimsuits worn by Kodak models in the familiar lifesize, advertising, cutouts.

In America, however, the Kodak Girl's wardrobe was more varied. Of the many hundreds of ads I have collected over 20 years, I have only two examples of the Kodak Girl in stripes and in one of these, the stripes were tinted red instead of the usual blue.

American 1914
British 1923
Typical English ad of the 1920's.
American 1921
The only U.S. example of the Kodak Girl in blue stripes. This image was also the cover of the 1921 Kodak Supplies Catalog.
American 1923
Kodak Girl in red tinted stripes.