Cameras For Women
From 1928 to 1933 Kodak manufactured cameras in rich art deco colors and patterns designed to appeal to women. Some of these such as the Vanity and Coquette ensembles even came packaged with matching compacts and lipsticks.

The cameras were beautiful but this advertising campaign spelled the end of the era of women depicted as serious photographers. By the 1930's the image of the independent Kodak Girl had pretty much disappeared. In later ads, men usually focused the cameras while women posed as their models.
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Kodak Coquette Package "For the smart, modern girl...a smart, modern Kodak. One that charmingly combines a gay new note with the never-ending pleasure of picture-making." Kodak Petite "A Lovely New Kodak for Women who like to add a note of smartness to their picture taking" Vanity Kodaks "Even before one snaps a picture, one carries a new and intriguing detail of costume-accessory exquisitely in key with the current trend toward color and novelty."
My collection doesn't include any vintage cameras--only these ads for them. Luckily there are collectors who specialize in art deco and colored Kodaks. Greg Milneck of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has put together a wonderful website featuring these cameras. Please take a look at his exceptional collection of Gloriously Colorful Kodaks.

Greg writes: "I collect the cameras shown on my site. I have been collecting for over 20 years. I am a television producer, and enjoy photography as a hobby (my father is a professional photographer). My collection includes a nearly complete set of the colored model Kodak cameras marketed to women from 1928-33 including some very rare and one of a kind models".