Newspaper Photo

Like most newspaper photos, this is ID'd on the back with the the names and ages of the subjects: Linda and Laura Lee Angelo 7 & 3, their mom, Mrs. Joseph Angelo, the date: April 7, 1953, and the newspaper: The Cleveland Press. It's obviously a set-up shot, posed by the photographer for Easter.

By searching on line, I found that the Cleveland Press was published from 1878 until 1982 and was the last of Cleveland's daily afternoon newspapers.There is a large "Cleveland Press Collection" on the web from its former editorial library, or "morgue." I also found some amusing anecdotes about Byron "Fiddles" Filkin, the photographer of this picture.

It's anybody's guess how this classic 50's feature photo, which I purchased from a dealer in Rochester, wound up in my collection. Perhaps no one felt it to be newsworthy enough to archive.