Photos By Women Partners
Across America, women operated photo studios by themselves and
in partnership with their husbands or other women.
The Misses Kirkwood & Huntley had a studio in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.
Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Gould of Holly, Michigan were not only photographers, but also portrait painters and taxidermists.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Cady operated a photo studio in Waitsfield, Vermont. Traces of tax revenue stamps on the backs of both CDVs date the photos to the civil war period, from 1864-1866. These doll-like children may have been sisters.
The studio of Mr. and Mrs. Graves was "over city bank" in Lockport, New York. Again, the tax revenue stamp dates the photo to between 1864-1866.
M & Madame Barat
Mr. & Mrs. M. Brown