Non-Camera Ads with Cameras

Quite a few non-photographic companies featured women photographers in their ads. In a few cases the women in the ads were photographers in real life such as in the two wartime ads below.

1904 Northern Pacific Railroad
This 1940's ad for DuBarry Beauty Preparations has an unusual wartime text and features a real, working photographer: 'Catch them as they leave City Hall,' whips out the Chief at Acme Newspictures, 'and even if you have to hang from the bow, get plenty of close-ups at the launching!' Pictures...thousands of spangle big city newspapers are Adelaide Leavy's job. The news photographer she's taking over for has gone to war. But the edition must still go to press."
This 1944 "Young Lady With a Lens" is "a Marine and a camera sharpshooter of Marine Aviation whose aerial pictures are used in vital map-making. Her rank is Sergeant...Sgt. Florence (full name omitted by regulation) of the Marine Corps Women's Reserve. Few secrets are hidden from the penetrating eye of Sergeant Florence's camera!"