French Catalogs
Undated French pocket catalog from the 20's with a Kodak Girl cover from an R. LeLong painting. LeLong was the premier French artist for Kodak and many of his posters still survive. To see more of his work, check out the Kodakgirls/Posters section of this site.
This unusual Kodak catalog (front and back covers shown above)was found and mailed from France to me by Gerard Dole with the following explanation: "I just got this superb Kodak catalog, the more precious because printed in September 1936!! Summer 1936 was the first time the popular French, thanks to the new socialist regime, had two weeks or so (I have to check) of paid vacations. A frenzy took the country, who riding a bike, riding a train or taking passage on a neighbor's car, went down south. Many saw the sea for the first time You'll understand the need for a camera. The back cover, intentionally, shows the pleasure of the seaside and vacations."

I like the fact that the cover shows both men and women equally getting pleasure from using their cameras.
Autographic 1917 catalog with ad for non-curling film on the back cover.