Postally Used Photo Postcard

Many postcard collectors prefer their cards mint but I like mine postally used, complete with handwritten messages, stamps and postmarks. This card has the special addition of the initials of the photographer "E.L.U." scratched into the negative appearing on the print with a signed message from her (Elizabeth Lee Umba?ger") on the back.

The front of the card notes, "Taken on our own beach." The text of the card doesn't give any clues about the identity of the subject or photographer but is interesting nevertheless. It reads:

"Regards received. Many thanks. Grandma is still doing the doughnut stunt. Don't you wish you were here? There were two bands of coyotes one on each side of the house serenading us last night. Hunting is splendid. Venison, duck, partridge and pheasant with two big black bears on Grandview across the lake."

The postmark appears to be from 1907 and the card was mailed from Loomis, Washington to St. Louis, Missouri. The photograph is beautiful, the note charming, and the whole an excellent example of why I find postcards fascinating.